The environmentally friendly solution to horse-transport dedicated Simply submit your transport requests and receive quotes from professional carriers.

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A dedicated solution for horse transport

With Green Equine Logistics, your horses are in good hands !

Green Equine Logistics

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You are horse owner

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  • Quick access to a large number of professionnal carriers
  • Competitive prices
  • Payment guarantees and secure


  • Optimize transports
  • Less green house gas
  • Eco-respnsability


  • Carrier agreement
  • Compliance with health standards
  • Your horse will travel in good conditions

How does it work ?

This market place allow you to publish a transport request, then you just need to pickup the best offer amongs the various quotes ou have receive from the transporters.

  1. 1

    Publish your request !

    Create your account in few cliks, create your transport request, publish it, then you will receive quotes from carriers.

  2. 2

    Receive quote from transporters

    When your request is published, horse carriers will send you quote matching your needs.

  3. 3

    Select the best quote and that's it

    You juste need to select the best quote that match your needs, validate the quote, pay it, and that's it.


You have transport requirements for your horses

Create your account, and post your transport request. You will receive directly quote from carriers

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  • Questions frequently asked

    Find here the most frequent questions

  • Are the horse-carriers professionals?

    YES. Horse-carriers are only registered on the Green Equine Logistics platform if they meet European regulations on the transport of live animals.

  • Is my registration on the Green Equine Logistics platform free?

    YES. Registration, posting of transportation requests and quotes are free. The horse owner or keeper does not pay any fee to the platform.

  • How is payment done ?

    The horse owner or keeper paid the amount at the order on the platform. The payment to the carrier is initiated 48 hours after completion of the transportation service

more questions/responses in the FAQ