Genaral Terms and Conditions - Green Equine Logistics.

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General conditions of use of the benefits of online services linking clients and horse


The present general conditions of use apply to all the benefits of the services used on the
website. The general conditions of use in French is the only one applicable. The translations
into other languages are purely for indicative use.
The Green Equine Logistics website is a linking service between owners and/or holders of
horses and professional transporters.
The company: Green Equine Logistics Ltd “GEL”
Located at:
URL site address:
Email address:
The client declares having acknowledged and accepted the general conditions of sale before
the placing of the order. The confirmation of the order proves acceptance of the general
conditions of sale.

1. Object - content and scope of application

Green Equine Logistics Ltd “GEL” has developed a platform accessible on a website at or on a smartphone application. It was designed to facilitate a link between owners and/or holders of horses and professional transporters, from a unique platform with the goal of maximising their efficiency and to fill partially empty transports in all European countries to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure the safety and well being of the transported horses.
These general conditions of use have an objective to regulate the access and the use of the platform. They are applied excluding any other conditions and notably those applicable to internet sales or to other distribution and marketing systems.
Please read them carefully.
You acknowledge and understand that Green Equine Logistics “GEL” does not take part in any way to different agreements, contracts or contractual relationships between different members of the platform. Green Equine Logistics “GEL”’s objective is establishing the link between the owners and/or holders of horses and the professional transporters respecting the well being and safety of the horses. For this linking service Green Equine Logistics “GEL” pays itself a commission of 15% of the total amount of the transport with all taxes included. By creating your personal account and/or by connecting to it you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted all the general conditions of sale relating to it.

2. Definitions

In this document:
“Account” means the account that must be created to become a member of the platform and to
access the services offered on the platform. ;
“Advertisement” means a published request for horse transport on the platform by an owner
and/or holder of a horse. ;
“Confirmation of payment” means the receipt of an email or a notification by the owner and/or
holder of the horse after making a payment, following acceptance of the quote. ;
“Green Equine Logistics” “GEL” has the meaning as described in paragraph 1 as above. ;
“GCUs” means the general conditions of use. ;
“Member” means a physical or legal person who has created an account on the platform. ;
“Owner” or “Holder” means a member of the platform who has created a request for transport on
the platform, from a location A to a location B with delivery subject to a payment. In the case of
a “holder”, the person may be a physical or legal person and must be designated by the owner
to have the right to proceed with transport. They must be a physical or legal person (breeder,
bloodstock agent, trainer, breaker…) ;
“Payment” means the fees requested by the transporter to the owner and/or holder of horses
that they accepted beforehand. ;
“Platform” has the meaning defined in paragraph 1. ;
“Services” mean all the services delivered by Green Equine Logistics “GEL” across the platform
included in the 15% commission due to Green Equine Logistics “GEL”. ;
“Transporter” means a professional horse transporter who has a transporter account on the
platform and meets the requirements of the European directive relating to the transport of live
animals. EU 01/2005.
( ) ;
“Website” means the website accessible at the address

3. Registration on the platform and account creation.

3.1 Conditions of registration on the platform and account creation

The platform may be used by people aged 18 years or over or by legal people such as trainers, breeders, breakers, bloodstock agents…
Registration on the platform of any person under 18 years old is strictly forbidden. By accessing, using or registering on the platform you certify being 18 years old or older and you fully conform with European and local legislation in particular with matters concerning taxation, civil, commercial, traffic laws…

3.2 Account creation

The platform allows members to publish and to view transport advertisements and to interact with transporters for the organisation of transport. You cannot publish a transport request if you have not created an account beforehand and become a member of the platform.
To create an account you must:
a) If you are a user: Complete all of the obligatory fields of the registration form.
b) If you are a transporter: Complete all of the obligatory fields of the registration form, in particular you must provide your certificate of authorisation for the transport of live equine animals following the European regulation EU 01/2005 as well as your general conditions of transport contracts.
c) Read and accept the general conditions of use. In whichever way you create an account, you must provide all relevant and truthful information applicable, and to update it through your profile or by notifying Green Equine Logistics “GEL” with the goal of guaranteeing relevance and accuracy of contractual relations with Green Equine Logistics “GEL”.
You accept to keep your chosen password secret at the creation of your account and to not communicate it to anybody. If you lose or disclose your password, you must inform Green Equine Logistics “GEL” immediately. You are the only person responsible for the use of your account by a third party, unless having expressly notified “GEL” of the loss of your password, fraudulent use by a third party or its divulgence to a third party. You accept to not create or use, under your own identity or that of a third party an account other than the one initially created.

3.3 Verification
Green Equine Logistics “GEL” can for reasons of transparency, improvement in confidence and prevention or detection of fraud, put in place a verification system with certain pieces of information that you have provided on your profile. This is particularly the case when you add your telephone number or identity documents. You acknowledge and accept that all references, on the platform or service, to “verified” information or to similar terms means that a member has successfully passed through the existing verification procedure on the platform or service. This is with the intention of providing more information for the members of the platform with whom you want to close a transport contract. Green Equine Logistics “GEL” cannot guarantee the truthfulness, robustness or validity of the information submitted during the  verification procedure.

4. Use of Services

4.1 Advertisement Publication

As a member respecting the conditions below, you can create and publish advertisements on the platform by entering the information about the deadline for transport, the current location, the location of the destination and the number of horses to transport. You are authorised to to publish an advertisement if you meet all of the following conditions:
a) You are the owner and/or holder of the horse designated by the owner;
b) You fill in all the obligatory fields during registration
c) The horse(s) to transport respect all health, hygiene and veterinary legislation from their country of origin or from the country where they are, the countries they travel through and their country of destination. Their vaccinations are updated and they don’t have any infections or illnesses.
d) The horse(s) must not have any illnesses, injuries or any behavioural problem which could put them, the people looking after them or other horses in danger during the
transport. Any illness or behavioural problem mentioned must be communicated to the transporter before the transport as well as a recent veterinary certificate (within 3
months) authorising the transport of the horse(s).
e) The horse being transported must have been handled before the transport and not show any risk for himself or for the people that could be brought to handle him.
You acknowledge that you are the only responsible for the content of the advertisement that you publish on the platform. As a consequence you assume, and guarantee the accuracy and the truthfulness of all the information in the advertisement without forgetting to mention all relativeinformation to either your horse or the people who could look after it and handle it being put into danger during the transport.
As long as your advertisement meets all of the general conditions of use, it will be published on the platform and will therefore be visible to all members and visitors, even if not a member, who carries out a search on the platform or on the GEL website. GEL reserves the right at its own discretion and without warning, to either not publish or to delete at any time, any advertisement that would contravene the general conditions of use or that could be considered detrimental to GEL’s image whether it is on platform or on any other service.
You acknowledge and accept that the criterias taken into account for the classing and order of publication of advertisements among all other advertisements is at GEL’s own discretion.

4.2 Transport proposal - replies to advertisements

As a transporter meeting the following conditions, you can reply to advertisements and give a quote corresponding to the detailed criteria specified in the advertisement.
You are authorised to propose your quote only if you satisfy the following conditions:
a) You are a professional transporter of live equine animals meeting European regulation EU 01/2005 concerning the transport of live animals. You dispose of an authorisation issued by the relevant authorities, conforming with this European regulation.
b) You respect the social, taxation, commercial, legal and health regulations of the country in which is located your head office, for your employees as well as your vehicules.
c) You have filled in all the obligatory fields on the registration form.
d) You have provided all the supporting documents of your business, requested by GEL during the registration phase.
e) You have provided your general conditions of sale applicable to any transport contract that you could close with the support of the GEL website.
f) You have provided the certificate of authorisation of the transport of live equine animals issued by the relevant authorities, conforming to European regulation EU 01/2005.
g) You have read and accepted the present general conditions of use.
h) The transporter can reply to an owner’s/holder’s advertisement by using the platform and by proposing a quote corresponding to the criteria of the owner’s/holder’s advertisement.
i) The acceptance of the quote by the owner/holder materialises in the contractualisation of the transport between the transporter and the owner and/or holder. Once the owner and/or holder has accepted the quote, the transporter must confirm to the owner and/or holder the acceptance of this transport within 48 hours. Without confirmation of the acceptance of the order within 48 hours, GEL will proceed to the cancellation of the order.
j) The transporter commits to strictly respect the established contract. No compensation can be claimed by the owner and/or holder after delivery.
k) The transporter accepts that the total amount of the quote is paid to GEL to an account dedicated to them. The payment of the amount due to the transporter will be initiated (by bank transfer) to the transporter 2 working days (time limit starting the first hour of the day after delivery) after the notification of the transporter’s delivery on the platform subject to no dispute from the owner and/or holder.
l) The transporter contacts the owner and/or holder by using the contact details that Green Equine Logistics “GEL” has provided them to work out the terms of the transport service such as the date and time of departure and the locations of pick up and delivery.
m) The transporter can only issue one quote per advertisement.

4.3 Acceptance of transport proposal

The owner and/or holder of the horse(s) receives the transport proposals from transporters who are registered on the platform. The acceptance of the proposal remains exclusively at the discretion of the owner and/or holder of the horse who can accept or reject it. 
By accepting the transport offer the owner and/or holder of the horse acknowledges having read and accepted the transporter’s general conditions of sale. The transport contract is therefore closed between the transporter and the owner and/or holder. GEL will not in any way or kind take part in this contract. GEL is the third party in this contract.

4.4 Transport payment

Once the owner and/or holder has accepted the proposal, they must proceed to payment using the platform.
When the transporter receives the owner’s/holder’s order, they must confirm via the platform the acceptance of the order within 48 hours. The owner and/or holder will then receive confirmation by email.
They acknowledge being informed that the payment to the transporter by GEL will be carried out following a 14 day period after the delivery date, notified to the transporter following the conditions of our payment partner Stripe.

4.5 Commitment of the owner and/or holder

The owner and/or holder commits themselves to be available in person or to provide a person that they have designated to look after the departure and to produce all of the necessary documentation and certificates at the horse’s departure.
Protective equipment on the horse is the responsibility of the owner and/or holder of the horse.
The departure location must be accessible for the transporter without issue or object in the way, in order to avoid all risk for the people handling the horse or the horse itself.
The owner and/or holder commits to not directly negotiating with the transporter.
They commit to respect the identity of the horse for which the contract between the transporter and the owner and/or holder has been closed and to not change it to another horse without having informed the transporter beforehand.
We strongly recommend to the owner and/or holder to take out additional insurance for the transported horse, because European obligatory, regulatory insurance is based on the price of stock.

4.6 Confirmation of horse delivery

At the time of delivery, the transporter will notify the arrival of the horse via the platform, within 48 hours of the delivery.

4.7 Dispute

The owner and/or holder has 48 hours after the transporter’s delivery notification to make a dispute. Beyond this time frame and GEL will consider the order to be completed.
The owner and/or holder and the transporter renounce to commit to all of GEL’s responsibilities and renounce all potential appeal rights for disputes linked to:
a) The cancellation of transport whether it was the initiative of the owner and/or holder or the transporter before the horse was loaded by the transporter.
b) The loading of the horse made impossible (horse refuses to load, health or behavioural problem…).
c) Any other cause of dispute between the owner and/or holder and the transporter will be sorted out by the relevant legal authorities following the contract established between the parties.

5. Running of the platform

5.1 Opinion

GEL encourages you to leave a review of the transporter with whom you closed the transport contract for your horse. However, you are not authorised to leave a review if you were not the source of the advertisement or the owner and/or holder of the transported horse.
The transporter must never, in any case, leave a review or comment on themselves or any other transporter. GEL reserves the right to partially or totally suspend, temporarily or permanently the account and the access to the service of the transporter’s platform if this case applies.

5.2 Moderation

You acknowledge and accept that GEL reserves the right to not publish or to delete any review, question, comment or reply if its content does not respect the present general conditions of use.

5.3 Limits

GEL reserves the right at its own discretion to suspend an account, limit access to the services or to put an end to your contract (following the present general conditions of use).

6. Financial Conditions

The access and registration on the platform as well as the research, display and publishing of advertisements are free for the owner and/or holder.

6.1 Collection Mandate

By using the platform, the owner and/or holder entrusts a collection mandate to GEL for the total amount of the agreed transport, in their name and for their account. GEL collects the total amount for the transport and the sum received is put into an account dedicated to the transporter’s payment. You acknowledge and accept that no part of the sum received by GEL in your name and for your account gives you a right to any interest. You accept to rapidly reply to GEL’s requests and more generally to any administrative or competent authorities, in particular for the prevention or fight against money laundering. You accept to provide, with a simple request, any proof
(address or identity).
In the absence of replies to these requests, GEL will be able to take any measure that seems appropriate, notably to freeze a sum paid, suspend your account or to put an end to your access to the benefits of GEL.

6.2 Payment of the cost of transport

The transporter and the owner and/or holder have a period of 48 hours after the notification of the horse’s delivery to submit a claim to GEL. In the absence of a claim after the expiration of this time limit, GEL will consider the transport finalised.
At this point, GEL will initiate the payment to the transporter’s account of the amount on the closed contract between the owner and/or holder and the transporter with GEL’s 15% commission deducted.

7. Cancellation Policy

7.1 Refund terms in case of cancellation

Only paid transports on the GEL platform can be submitted to this cancellation policy.
GEL will not accept any compensation requests for a cancellation, whatever the case may be, by the owner and/or holder in the absence of payment.
The refund is done during a maximum period of 14 days following the conditions of our payment service partner Stripe.
The cancellation of transport by the owner and/or holder after payment is subject to the specifications below, that the transporter knows and accepts:
a) The owner and/or holder can, without any charges, cancel a transport contract within the 14 calendar days following their subscription to transport, according to article L221-19 of the Code of Consumption.
b) The owner and/or holder can cancel regarding the earliest pick up date in the advertisement with the following conditions:
● More than 2 days before this date (time limit starting the first hour of the first day of the earliest pick up day), the owner and/or holder will be refunded the full
mount paid and the transporter will be neither paid nor compensated.
● In between 1 and 2 days before this date, the owner and/or holder will be refunded 50% of the paid amount, the transporter then receives 35% of the
amount and the commission of 15% belongs to GEL.
● From this date, or the following days: there will be no refund, the transporter will therefore be paid according to the quote accepted in condition 6.2.
c) After the loading of the horse, the transport cannot be cancelled by the transporter or by the owner and/or holder.
d) In the case of cancellation by the transporter, the owner and/or holder will be refunded for the full amount paid and the transporter will be neither paid nor compensated. This is the case when the transporter cancels a transport by not showing up at the intended loading point.

7.2 Other refund cases

GEL refunds the full payment to the owner and/or holder and in consequence the transporter will not receive any payment in the following cases:
a) Death of the horse before loading
b) A health or physical reason not known when signing up to the contract making travel impossible, certified by the production of a veterinary certificate stating that the horse is unable to travel.
GEL refunds 50% to the owner and/or holder in the following cases where the transporter recognises the conditions as described in 6.2 (35% of the accepted quote).
c) The transporter’s decision of being unable to load the horse
d) The transporter’s refusal to load the horse for security or sanitary reasons.
In case of transporting several horses, the refund will be done proportional to the number of transported horses.
GEL assesses, at its own discretion, on the basis of the information it disposes of, the legitimacy of refund requests.

7.3 Withdrawal right

You do not have a withdrawal right after the confirmation date of the transport from the moment when the contract between you and the transporter has been fully completed before the end of the withdrawal period.

8. Behavior of users and members of the platform

8.1 Commitment of all users of the platform

You acknowledge that you are the sole person responsible for the respect of all laws, regulations and obligations applicable to the use of the platform. Also, when you use the platform, you commit yourself to:
a) Not using the platform for advertising purposes
b) Not sending to GEL (particularly during the creation or updating of your account) or any other platform member, any false, fraudulent or malicious information.
c) Not talking, behaving or publishing any content on the platform that may be of slanderous, insulting, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, aggressive, assertive, violent, threatening, harassing, racist or of xenophobic nature, or with sexual implication, encouraging violence, discrimination, hate, encouraging activities including prohibited substance abuse, and more generally, contrary to the objectives of the platform and that breach the rights of GEL or a third party or contrary to morality.
d) Not breaching GEL’s right of image and particularly GEL’s intellectual property rights.
e) Not opening more than one account on the platform and not opening an account for a third party.
f) Not going around the contractual system with the transporters of the platform, particularly by sending your contact details in the hope of achieving a transport contract outside of the platform, and avoiding GEL’s commission.
g) Not contacting other members, especially outside of the platform, for an objective other than that stated in the general conditions of use.
h) Not making a payment outside of the platform.
i) Make sure you comply with the present general conditions of use.

In particular, when you are using the platform, you commit yourself to only publish advertisements which correspond to transport which is truly required.
More generally, the transporters commit to:
a) Respect all laws, regulations, and codes applicable to live equine animal transportation and of vehicles, having valid insurance when transporting, to hold authorisation
from the competent national authority for the use of the vehicle for the transport of live equine animals, and to hold the registration document of transport in compliance with the European regulation EU 01/2005.
b) Carry out the transport as described in the advertisement and to respect the timing and the fixed location between owner and/or holder and the transporter (especially the pick up and delivery location).
c) To use a vehicle in good condition and in good working order, complying with all European and national laws and regulations, the rules of the road, the rules of customs, the European regulation for the transport of live animals EU 01/2005.
d) To communicate from a simple request to GEL or all owners and/or holders, the driver’s driving licence, the approval of your vehicle as a live animal transport vehicle issued for the national and European regulations issued by the competent authorities.
e) To inform, within the best time limit, the owner and/or holder of a potential suspension or change of transport time as soon as possible.
f) To hold and keep at the disposal of all authorities, any documents,horse identification papers, veterinary certificates… particularly in the case of transport across a border.
g) To wait for the owner and/or holder at the agreed place of horse loading or unloading at least 30 minutes after the time agreed.

9. Account and access limitations and deletion of your account.

You can end your contractual relations with GEL at any time, without cost or justification. To do so, simply go to the ‘close my account’ button on your account page.
If you break the general conditions of use, including but limited to your obligations as a member, mentioned in article 8 above, or if GEL has a relevant reason to think that it is necessary for the protection of its security and integrity, or of a member or a third party, or for the prevention of fraud or investigation , GEL reserves the right to:
a) End the general conditions of use which link you to GEL immediately and without warning;
b) Prevent the publication or delete an opinion, an advertisement, a message, content, a comment or all content posted on the platform;
c) Limit your access and use of the platform;
d) Temporarily or definitively suspend your account When this is necessary, you will be notified by the application by a certain medium, so you can give explanations to GEL. GEL will make the decision, at its sole discretion, whether to lift the measures put in place or not.
10.Protection of personal data.
In the context of use of the platform, GEL will collect and use your personal data. By using the platform and registering yourself as a member, you recognise and accept the use of your personal data by Green Equine Logistics “GEL” in the respect of applicable laws.
In the application of the 78-17 law of 6th January 1978, modified by the law no. 2018-493 from 20th June 2018, it is reminded that the named data asked for from the client is necessary to the treatment of their order and especially for the establishment of bills.
This data can be communicated to the other possible partners of the seller, responsible for the execution, treatment , management and payment of the orders.
The processing of information communicated through the website responds to legal requirements in terms of personal data
protection, and the information system used assures optimal protection of this data. Your personal data is archived by the following sections;
5 years after your last use of our platform, if you did not close your account;
1 year after the closure of your account, except if you have received a negative opinion or report, in which case your data is kept for 2 years, following the last negative opinion or report you received, if this period is not longer.
The following categories of personal data are susceptible to be kept for different periods of time: 

Financial data (for example payments, refunds, etc.) are kept for the required amount of time through the applicable laws, in taxing and accounting matters;

The content created by you on our platform (such as comments, opinions and notes) become anonymous after 5 years but stay visible on the platform.

In the case in which your account was suspended or blocked, we keep your data for a varied period of 2 to 10 years from the suspension date in order to avoid all overturning on your part of the rules in effect on our platforms.
The client has, according to the operating national and european regulations, a permanent access right, a modification right, a rectification right, an opposition of portability right and limitation of treatment right consisting of the information which is involved. This right can be exercised within the conditions and according to the terms specified by the following email address: or by post at the following address:
Green Equine Logistics LTD (‘GEL’), Carmen Lodge, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, Ireland, accompanied by a copy of a signed identity card. The people involved have the right to file a complaint to the Cnil (Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des libertés).

11. Intellectual Properties

11.1 Content published by GEL

With the exception of the content and the data supplied by the members, Green Equine Logistics ‘GEL’ is the sole holder of intellectual property rights related to its services, to the platform, its content (in particular the texts, images, designs, logos, videos, sounds, data, graphics) and of software and databases assuring its operations. Green Equine Logistics (‘GEL’) allows you a personal right which is non-transferable and non-exclusive, to use the platform and its services for your personal, private and/or commercial use, while respecting the objectives of the platform and its services.
You are forbidden all other use of the platform, its services and its content without prior written permission from GEL, particularly, it is forbidden to you to:
a) Reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, publicly represent, and disperse the platform, its services and content, at the exception of those who are explicitly given permission by GEL.
b) Disassemble, reverse engineer the platform or its services, exceptions given to those stated in the texts of the law.
c) Extract or attempt to extract (particularly using data collecting robots, or all other similar instruments of information collection) a substantial part of the data on the platform.

11.2 Content published by you on the platform

In the goal of permitting the supply of services and respecting the purpose of the platform, you allow GEL a non-exclusive license of use of the content and data that you have supplied during the course of usage of the services. In order to allow GEL to distribute through digital networks and while complying with all protocols of communication (particularly internet and the mobile networks) and to supply the content of the platform to the public, you authorise GEL to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate your member content, as follows:
You authorise Green Equine Logistics ‘GEL’ to reproduce all or a part of your member content on any digital recording medium known or unknown to this day and particularly on any server, hard drive, memory card or similar medium in any format by any process known or unknown to this day, at the necessary extension to any storage operation, recovery, transfer or loading linked to operations and supply of services on the platform;
You authorise GEL to adapt and translate your member content and to reproduce these adaptations on any existing or future digital medium stipulated at point A below, with the objective of supplying services, particularly in different languages. This right includes particularly the member option, in the respect of your moral right, in order to respect the graphic chart of the platform and/or to technically return it compatible with the visualization of the publishing of the platform.

12. Role of Green Equine Logistics

The platform is a linking platform on which members can create and publish advertisements for the transport of horses. These advertisements can also be seen by other members in order to discover other required transport specifications and, when it is possible, to suggest a quote for the desired transport of the owner and/or holder.
When using the platform and accepting these general conditions of sale, you then acknowledge that GEL is not a part of any agreement or entered contract between you and another transport member of the platform.
GEL has no control over the behavior of its members and users of the platform. GEL does not arrange, exploit, supply or manage a vehicle or transport company.
You acknowledge and accept that GEL does not control the validity, sincerity or legality of transport. As an intermediate of the linking between the applicants of horse transport and the transporters, GEL supplies no transport service and only acts as a commissioner, not as a transporter.
The role of GEL is limited to the easy access to the platform and to ease the linking between transporters and the owners and/or holders.
The members act within their sole and complete responsibility. As an intermediate in the linking of the two parties, GEL cannot be held responsible for the effective execution of transport and also due to:
a) False Information communicated by the owner and/or holder in their advertisement or other medium in relation to the transport and transport conditions.
b) The cancellation or modifying of transport by a member.
c) An accident or incident, of any nature or cause, including not only the horse or its escort, the owner and/or holder but also all individuals in relation with the horse or every injury or harm or collateral.

13. Operation, availability and running and the platform.

GEL will have to try as much as possible to maintain the access to the platform seven days a week and 24 hours a day. However, the access to the platform may be suspended temporarily, without prior warning, due to maintenance issues, migrations or operations of updating, or due to constraints linked to online operations.
Also, GEL reserves itself the right to adapt or suspend all or part of the access to the platform or its functions, at its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently.

14. Alteration of general conditions of use.

The General conditions of use and the documents indicated as a reference experiment of the entire agreement between you and GEL, relative to your use of its services. All other documents, particularly all announcements on the platform such as FAQ, transporters guide...are only there as help and support.
GEL can adapt its general conditions of use with the goal to adapt to its technological and commercial environment, and to comply with applicable legislation. All adaptations of the general conditions of sales will be published on the platform with the notification of the effective date of application, and you will be notified by GEL before this takes effect.

15. Applicable laws - Conflicts

These general conditions of use are written in French, and are subject to the Irish laws, given the location of the GEL head office in Ireland. You can also, if necessary, present your complaints in relation to the platform or our services on the platform to the resolution of complaints posted by the European Commission
( The European Commission will transmit your complaint to the national competent authority. In compliance with the applicable rules to mediation, you must, before any demand of mediation, notify GEL in writing of all claims, in order to get to an amicable agreement.

16. Legal platforms.

The platform is published by GEL Limited, saved under the number 619081 with its offices at Carman Lodge, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, Ireland, represented by its president Bruno Mazure, director of publication of the website. The website is hosted by the Medialeads servers.
For any questions, you can contact GEL Limited using the ‘contact us’ button
( .