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Qui sommes nous ?

Based in Co. Carlow, Southern Ireland, George Mullins transport was established in 1988 and is known as one of the largest and most reliable horse transporters in Ireland and the UK, expanding routes to Europe and now flying to the USA.

Taking the most direct route when transporting your horses, we treat every horse individually according to their needs and owner requirements


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We transport both shared and private loads, with lorries going to Europe two to three times a week as well as more regular trips to the UK. We have a network of top class lairage facilities across Europe for horses in transit. At home our state of the art facilities includes 18 stables, two loading bays and a horse walker, all under the one roof. We provide 24 hour veterinary care if required.

Our sales team provide a professional service at all times, accommodating all queries, bookings and purchase Vat related issues.

Our team of drivers are highly experienced in all aspects of horse transport. Each holding a certificate of competence in equine handling and logistics.


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